Ready & Steady – 5th January 2017

READY & STEADY – by Susan Shaw – 1 January 2017

Preparation is not just writing a script and learning the words.  It is also getting yourself mentally in the right state to perform at your optimum.

Below are a few tips to help you.

  • Know what you have to give the audience and what they will be able to take away from your presentation.
  • Imagine yourself doing well and being applauded by the audience.
  • A few days before, decide what you will wear so that you can concentrate on your presentation when the time arrives.
  • Make contact with key individuals before the day to clarify any issues. (At a club meeting this would be the Toastmaster and your evaluator.)
  • On the day make sure you are well hydrated and rested.
  • Arrive early to test any equipment and make sure that everything you need is in place.
  • Before the meeting starts, walk the speaking area and familiarise yourself with the room.
  • Greet people that will be in your audience to create hotspots. (A way of warming up an audience.)
  • When the meeting starts, sit tall in your chair, with shoulders back and breathe deeply.
  • When you are introduced, walk to the lectern confidently, with head held high.
  • Wait for the applause to end before you start.
  • After your speech do a self-evaluation. Applaud yourself for what went well.  Consider areas for improvement.  Remind yourself on what you have achieved.

And of course, attend Toastmasters meetings regularly and say yes to the opportunities that you are offered.

The more you get involved, the more that you will feel confident about speaking in front of other people.

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