The first meeting of the year and what a great one!

President Green’s musings on the meeting of 15th January 2015

Happy New Year Everyone!

What a herculean evening we had last night folks with nine guests and at least twenty members packed into the music room at Ripley. Boy did we make music!

It really was a struggle to fit everyone in but we managed despite the protracted ramblings of our club president.  Say no more – tut tut Mr Green.

Guy Dessoy our Sergeant At Arms arrived at 7.20 – tut tut Mr Dessoy! Kick off 7.30 sharp.

Quickly to the Toastmaster as the President’s had a funny turn. The Toastmaster of the day was Vinod Venkatanarayana. I can spell it but have great difficulty in saying it. Vinod was proficient, efficient and calm especially after the eight minute intro according to our GE – tut tut Mr Venkatanarayana.

Our timer was Subir Kumar, eagerly poised with his finger on the bell. Then to our ‘fresh’ member Martin Langdon who stepped into the Grammarian role and delivered with aplomb. You can guess the word of the day.

Our hot tip was delivered by an enchanting Ling Ling (no that was her name) a guest who told us all about the power of pausing and taking breath giving us time to collect our thoughts – oh yes our thoughts.

Our first speaker was Ian Brett. Big, bold, assertive! The power of the pose. Great, I thought,  I am good at that.  Ian talked the talk and definitely walked the walk. Well done that man.

Next to our dear Karen Mefflin. A heartfelt story of her deafness and tinnitus which people seem to think she is not paying attention or she does not care or she is dumb but they could not be further from the truth. Well done Karen.

Over to you Jenny Taggart our third speaker. We are waiting………and waiting……..and waiting. Another poignant speech with a heartfelt message. Don’t wait for something to happen,  go out and grab it with both hands (unless it’s called Ross of course). I mean life and whatever life represents to you. Make it happen people! Yes you can!

Three excellent, enjoyable speeches, well done indeed!

Over to the evaluators, the legendary Neil Pettigrew, the professional James Hassler and finally the iconic Richard Murray DTM no less, all providing very useful tips on how to move forward in this noble art. Great stuff guys.

Then its’ over to the Table Topics Master – Yours Truly. Proverbs were the order of the day and when in Ripley do as the Ripleans do – carefully navigate their way around the question which I am glad to say is what most people did. Now then, our TT evaluator David Wilson carried out a gargantuan task by evaluating twelve table topic speakers and within time. Brilliant David just brilliant. We needed a fire extinguisher for the man’s biro it was so hot.

Martin Langdon, our Grammarian and Ah Counter with very keen ear, delivered a comprehensive report. Thorough and with his usual satire which is very funny I might add.

Our timer Subir wrapped up the evening well, disappointed that the poised finger was not deployed enough but never mind.

Then up steps Tony Babatunde our larger than life General Evaluator. Tony did what all good GEs do and that was to highlight some areas of improvement, namely, “shut up rambling Mr Green and Mr Venkatanarayana and get on with it”. Lol!
All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable evening once again and it was an absolute pleasure to see the return of Martin Langdon, Nisha Yates, James Hasler and Steve Roberts who have obviously been busy with their lives.

Our next meeting is on Thursday 29th January, same time same place. Be there or be square!

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